Why stop beatsaber?

I use both Android (LG G7+) and Nolo.
But I keep stopping when I play beatsaber.
So I asked for some advice.
I've heard advice before and
I used nolo toolkit, network monitoring, checked Wi-Fi.
But when you're playing beat savers,
The game comes to a halt
If you play a song, it's like two or three times stop.
I use the computer
I3 - 8100 Gtx1050 ram8gb.
Use 5Ghz for Wi-Fi.
And it's a laptop.
Notebooks set Wi-Fi
Set Wi-Fi Same for Cell Phones
What's wrong with this?
Is it the limit of nolo vr, or the lack of computer performance, or the lack of mobile phone performance?
Will it stop if I buy a viulux v8 or pimax 4k? I'm curious.


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    @ansya Hi, thanks for your message. May I know what do you mean by halt? Can you record a short video about it? Please send it to support@nolovr.com. 
  • @admin sorry
    I can't record error because I go out home so I can't use nolo.
    This error is stop the game while I playing beat saber
    because maybe I think use the phone.
    Is there another way to improve this?
    Wi-Fi is no problem.
  • And how to usb tethering in ivry?

  • @ansya Thanks for your reply. Can you check whether you mistakenly press the menu button or the system button during your gameplay? 
  • @admin I'm not miss press the menu button or system button
    Then press the menu button to pause the screen.
    But I just only stopping and I don't get a pause screen.
  • @ansya Do you mean the game is stopped? Normally in Beat Saber, if the game stop. there's a picture pop up and ask you if you want to resume or quit? Do you mean your game stop here or the game just crashed? Can you record a short video about it and send it to support@nolovr.com? 
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