Only one device is connected, intended for FBT

I've been following the forums on how to fix this issue with the NOLO, which I've been trying to fix since yesterday. The HMD connects and I paired the base and the controllers, but they don't show up on the task unless I disconnect the HMD and connect them, then they show up as green. I even tried connecting the HMD and the Base at the same time, but only the HMD came up as green and the base wasn't. It is connected on a USB HUB, instead of my pc, since all of my ports are being used up. I intend to use this for Full Body Tracking on my Oculus Rift S and I've tried reinstaling the driver multiple times to get it to work, but nothing.

The specs on my computer is a Ryzen 5 2400, 16GB of RAM at 2933Mhz, RTX2060 and the motherboard is a MSI B350. I also tried launching NOLO Home, but whenever I click ok, it goes transparent and blurry and then freezes up to where I have to force close it. I do have a warranty on this device if it seems to be faulty, just in case I need to replace it, but I want to check with the team first to see if they can actually help me or if anyone has run into the same problem.


  • Yeah the same thing is happening to me and i just bought the fucking thing. theres literally no solution for it anywhere and or people just completely ignore my question. like i didn't just spend 200$ just for it not to work
  • @JackVendetta3, first you need to uninstall all nolo software as you can only have one running at a time. You need just the Nolo Home. Next step is to check for firmware updates with the nolo home firmware updater tool. After that is completed you need to pair everything to the base station again. Now you should be good to go.
  • @Observer Many thanks for answering the question. We must miss this question. 
    @JackVendetta3 You are welcome to email us at We could book a remote session for you to update or downgrade the firmware. 
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