NOLO is set horizontally, please help [ screenshot attached ]

There is no option to fix this! help


  • edited August 2019
    How am I even supose to interact with those options? I dont have controllers.
    To make it even worst, I don't even speak korean or japanese or whatever the f that is.
  • @Broskie Hi, may I know what mobile phone are you using? 
  • Hello, we've talked on Facebook, I'm the guy with the S8 Plus, ( I think) you told me that a new patch will be availible on September that might fix my problem. I really hope it will because I used NOLO a lot a while ago and I love it.  

    Thank you and have a great evening,
  • @Broskie Hi, thanks for your support! :)
  • Pull down ur notification bar to access ur quick settings.. make sure that you have ur screen rotation option clicked  on.. rotate ur phone prior to running nolo and see if that helps.. every now and then I have to do that with my note 9
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