Как сделать полный сброс базы, маркера и контроллеров

Проблемма такая вроде подключаю все по инструкции но маркер и контроллеры мигают зелёным цветом пытаюсь подключить базу они загараються красным цветом


  • Hi, thanks for your message.
    Please re-pair the NOLO CV1 by following the pairing tutorial: https://www.nolovr.com/pairing?treeid=002_1
  • при перепрошивке один контроллер перестал работать нет даже красного огонька помогите что делать?

  • @Oleg1266 Hi, can you record a short video and send it to support@nolovr.com? 
  • Видео могу конечно где то вечером но о чем ведь при нажатии кнопок огоньки не загораются ни каким светом, вспомнил после прошивке горел оранжевый светом

  • @Oleg1266 Hi, can you send us an email in English? We cannot understand. 
  • Hi,


    Thanks for your shipping address.


    We checked the shipping cost is extremely high. So it’s better for you to purchase another new kit. Also, if you purchased it as a 2nd hand device, you should able to return it to the seller as the controllers are bricked.


    If you still want to purchase the controller at an after-sale price, it will be US$69 for each controller.

    It will be US$88 for DHL shipping to the Russia. We accept Paypal payment (account: nolo@nolovr.com). Once receive the payment US$226 (US$88+$138 for two controllers), we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible. Please send us an email when you complete the payment, so we know the payment is from you.


    For the import fees that may incur in each country, it will be paid by the recipient.that's what sent the support team they probably think I'm crazy to pay for air anymore of their products will not buy and do not advise others themselves screws up and we pay for them

  • @Oleg1266 As we said in the email, if you want to purchase a new controller, just send the payment to our Paypal account, then send us an email. 
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