Nolo + PSVR (iVRy) / Calibration problem and spontaneous controller movement


Just received my Nolo a few days ago and can't make it work properly.

I am using PSVR with iVRy which works only in Direct mode. In Extended mode if I'm lucky I have a black screen, if not - no signal, while the video signal is displayed on the monitor insatead. My PC uses i7-8700 and RTX2070, and I'm using USB 3.0 ports. Nolo devices are at the up-to-date firmware.

In Nolo Home I also have a black screen/no signal, because as I get, Nolo doesn't use Direct mode.

Thus, to use VR, first, I launch iVRy and then try to calibrate the room, then calibrate position in iVRy settings, then calibrate the controllers by double clicking at system buttons, according to the manual. And the calibration doesn't work. Every time the controllers are rotated at some angle. 

I also tried to launch Nolo Home first (after uninstalling iVRy), and in Visualizer app after the calibration everything seems OK. However, in such case, as I mentioned before, I don't have video in PSVR. 

So there are 2 options to solve this problem: to make Extended mode working, or to find the way to make a decent calibration using iVRy and SteamVR.

Please, help me!

I have another problem with one of the controllers. It spontaneously moves forward and backward towards the base station. It is completely charged, I tried to re-pair, one-click repair in Nolo home, but it doesn't help. Also I feel like sometimes the vibration motor launches for a fractions of a second. I'm aftraid, there is a defect.

Please, give me your suggestions how to solve this problem.

Thank you!


  • I understand that China is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival these days, so the official reply from the support team, as I hope, will come already next week. 

    However, I managed to solve the calibration issue by myself. There were two problems: by using PS4 on the same monitor I didn't removed "HDMI TV" cable from PSVR box (which still allowed to use the Direct mode in IVRy), while the second problem was a resolution setting in Windows 10. By using the Direct mode it was automatically set at 2048 x 1280 (I know, that PSVR screen is 1080p, however thought it should be some kind of upscalig trick), so I kept setting this resolution after the removal of "HDMI TV" cable. By setting it to 1920 x 1080 it helped to launch SteamVR through Nolo Home. 

    Unfortunately, the problem with one shaky controller still remais. I can't say, that the second one is completely stable, however, it is works much better. Additionally, in the previous message I said about spontaneous vibrations. Actually, because of the calibration issues I couldn't indicate which position the controller is pointing at, so vibrations happened in SteamVR home when they actually needed to happen.

    Thus, the number and the complexity of my problems significantly reduced. Please help me to get rid of the shaky controller!

    Thank you! 
  • If you are using the latest Nolo firmware (install Nolo HOME to upgrade the firmware, uninstall or disable it afterwards - due to *VERY BAD* programming practices, Nolo HOME breaks the SteamVR driver model while it is running), you should select the "new Nolo" option in the Betas tab of the iVRy driver (right click on it in Steam and select "Properties").

    Going forward, only the "new" Nolo firmware will be supported, so that option will become unnecessary with the next iVRy driver release. Also, as the Nolo HOME software creates a bad user experience for SteamVR users, more proactive steps to disable it will be taken in the next iVRy driver versions.
  • Thank you for a reply!

    After more tests I will decide if I should try a beta driver. Honestly, after a few days of problems I just happy that it works somehow. But I still sometimes have problems with orientation, as well as with controlleres drift. In Nolo visualizer everything is perfect, while in SteamVR Home orientation is messed up. Relaunch of Nolo Home helps. And iVRy settings in Steam VR home menu are also missing. However, once they appeared. I don't know why. Anyway, looking forward for the next iVRy updates!

    Speaking about the shaky controller, it seems I found a solution. There are many reflective surfaces in my room, so move to another room reduced the shaking. Why the second controller is less sensitive to the reflections is a mistery.
  • @LGM13 Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay. Yes, last Friday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. 
    For the black screen, it only supports 1920x1080. And reflective surfaces will affect the performance of NOLO CV1. E.g.: Big windows, mirror, smooth ground, etc. If you have any other questions, you can also reach us at 
  • @LGM13 The driver isn't "beta", that's just the mechanism that Steam uses to provide alternative releases. If you are using the "new" NoloVR firmware, you should be using the correlating version of the SteamVR driver.
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