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I'm having an issue with the nolo controllers, fist off one of them has a red light on and the other has a green light. NOLO home says they are both connected but they do not move/ appear in the visualizer or in driver4vr. I am trying to get full body tracking in vr for games and all i seem to need is getting these controllers to work. Also in the visualizer the headset maker just goes all over the place and it's hard to do anything. I was wondering if someone could walk me through how to do this and fix the issue. Thanks.


  • Hi, thanks for your message.
    Have you tried to pair them? You can check out the pairing tutorial at
    Also, please try to use the firmware updater under NOLO HOME to check if the firmware of all the NOLO devices are up to date. 

    After you have done this, use the 1m USB cable to connect the headset marker and your PC, then open Visualizer, if the tracking is ok, then you need to check your issue with Driver4VR. (As we didn't make that software, so we're not sure the reason.) If the tracking is wrong, please record a short video and send it to 
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