Hi, I gave you my address directly after your survey. When do you start the shipping? You promised to start shipping in May.
Regards Tomkin


  • On their Kickstarter page Lisa said around last week in May.

    Lisa Zhao Creator about 21 hours ago

    @Alex ;
    1. We‘ll start shipping to Kickstarter backers the last week of May and shipping is based on order numbers. 
    2. The initial production will cover enough units to supply all the kickstarters. 
    3. As for the wireless function, it's under development. We will keep you updated when it's done.
  • so does Pre order get in june then?
  • "As for the wireless function, it's under development. We will keep you updated when it's done."

    So does that mean that wireless is an add on somehow? Can we have a bit more detail in this regard?

    Super excited for the end of May!

  • edited May 2017
    So AltVRat, the end of May came, and since you were so excited, did you come too ?
  • 1: I got the E-mail TODAY "06.46 May 31th" about the NOLO survey "which is wierd, my adress was already in the kickstarter system". 
    Also wierd; it said "Final notice"... Deadline YESTERDAY!

    Also wierd: if I am not home it will be sent in return? And I have to pay extra charges? Thats not how postal services work.

    2: I have not gotten a single email about this. But I have gotten the news from Nolo, so there is nothing wrong with my e-mail.

    3: I called your number, nobody there who understood english, and they "he" reacted with a "Don´t know", when i said Nolo Vr.

    4: My main e-mail is not allowed by your system, I get a "Relay access denied", funnily enough, my other e-mail adress, which has exactly the same settings, could send to you.

    5: I have sent messages, E-Mail and even called you. NO CONTACT!

    Now. I am starting to smell rank fish here...

  • Still got 160 days with paypal   to open a dispute in the Resolution Center. 
  • So when they going ship pre-order?
  • @Jakkin ;Sorry about the late response, we've been swamped by the shipping of products these days.

    For the survey reminder, We've updated the survey reminder about once a week in last 2 months. Maybe the emails went to your spam folder.

    We updated the final reminder on May 28th PST, however when we checked the survey information on May 29th, there was still around 600 backers who haven't finished the survey completely. That's why we decided to send this email. Since it was a massive email last, there may have been delay from our server. That's why you received it so late.

    For the courior service, if the address is not detailed enough and they don't have a contact phone number, the package will be returned to our warehouse directly. If they have your phone number but can't reach you for two or three times, then you will be charged for additional fees. That what we've been told.

    For customer service, we are a startup and don't currently provide customer service through telephone. We'll keep improving and implementing better customer service along the way. Thank you for your understanding.

    Apology again for the inconvenience we've caused you and thank you for your continuous support!
  • @Jazneo ;For pre-order customers, most likely we will start shipping on June 17th.
  • Hi, when will we get the tracking number, i added my shipping adress and phonenumber (Which is optional in kickstarter form) for one week
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