ANDROID Nolo Home v. 1.4.177 PROBLEM!

ANDROID Nolo Home v. 1.4.177 

This application does NOT launch on a smartphone. An error appears: "Application has stopped."

My smartphone LG G4 h815


  • @Alumin
    Hi, thanks for letting us know. NOLO HOME only supports smartphone with Android 6.0 or above. May I know what android system are you using? 
  • My Android 6.0
    Wi-Fi 5GHz - in stock
    Nolo home on PC connects a smartphone. But the Nolo Home application on the smartphone (v. 1.4.177) stops with the message: "Application has stopped"
    Help Please
  • @Alumin
    Hi, thanks for your update. I have reported it to our dev team. Can you take a screenshot of this page and send it to us?
  • @Alumin Hi, can you take a screenshot of the page from "Application has stopped." then send it to 
  • Thanks. I've posted. Hope for help
  • @Alumin Thanks for your email. I have passed it to our dev team. 
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