NOLO HOME version 1.17 released!!!

edited April 22 in General
1. Compatible with HUAWEI VR Glass to play SteamVR games wirelessly.
2. Launched new firmware of NOLO CV1 Pro.
3. Launched the NOLO game video recording tool.
4. Graphics card that supports 265 encoding can choose encoding format in settings.
5. Bug fixed of battery display for some individual cases. 
6. Solved the problem of audio streaming error for some individual cases.


  • @admin Hello. Are there any differences in response speed with the Nolo CV1 Air?
  • @TheDeaX
    Hi, the Air is the same as Pro. 
  • i have the problem with rx 5700xt and adrenaline 2020 version 20.4.1 the programm set the psvr to 60hz how to change it to 120hz

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