NOLO HOME 1.18.20 problem

After this update, when I set up to use the base on the ceiling, the proximity message stays on the screen and even if I move farther away it doesn't disappear, is there a way to disable the proximity message?


  • @zaca11 
    Hi, thanks for your message. May I know if there's a QR code on the back of your NOLO device?
  • Hello, behind the base only has the FCC ID, no QR code
  • Hi Zaca11 do you play beat saber? and are you on the latest firmware with nolo? Do you get vibrating when playing the game?
  • Yes I play and do not have this problem.
    Have you tried to play half life 2? here the game closes
  • not yet I do have issues with runing LIV for mixed reality in beat saber installing the driver is a painful process with nolo home, I have to use iVRy everytime I want to do mixed reality.
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