Nolo cv1 not picking up any movement

I got a NOLO recently and when i tried to setup all the things i think that the basestation is broken because only the rotation works and the movement is nowhere to be seen. Can someone help me out? I hope this is some software problem and not hardware.


  • Hi, thanks for your message.
    Can you take a photo of the Base station? We would like to check if the front two lights are lit up. Also, please make sure all of the LED indicators of NOLO devices are solid green. 
  • I've got all the things working but now the controllers are drifing away a lot. The marker goes wild. I think it can be a firmware problem. I want to get the latest ones on everything because I tryed different versions of nolo home and you have different firmwares on each one. I need someone to help me because I already tryed by myself for like 20 hrs almost and I can't use this product.
  • edited May 2020
    I need some stable firmware that can help me to get the fullbody tracking working properly. I also need this help ASAP

  • Can i get a session for firmware updates? I want to get these working as soon as possible. 
  • @admin can I get some response today because I want to know what I do with the product. In a few days I wanna refund it if I can't get it working
  • @Lynxu
    Hi, we did a remote session for you. Sorry, the set has hardware defective, please contact the seller to refund or exchange a new one for you. 
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