3D models of the controllers

Are you going to provide 3D models of the controllers that we can use to show them in-game?

I would love to be able to show the NOLO controllers inside a game, the same way you often see the Vive controllers in games that do not provide a custom design.


  • I agree, this would be really slick
  • They have included a model within the Unity SDK, so I'm hoping they will add one in a standard file format along with the Android SDK.
  • It not that hard to turn a dae File into Obj file 
  • just have to line up with the Vive Controller obj then it should work but it wont have function button like on the vive has

  • Converting the dae file itself isn't hard, but I'm struggling with the materials. (I'm a total noob when it comes to 3D modeling)

    Beyond the use for Steam VR (for which I hope Nolo will provide a working model in the workshop) I'm really looking to have the model for use in mobile game development.
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