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Would it be possible to include some sample scenes like the scenes in VRTK? or even getting the controllers to work with the VRTK samples. Maybe you guys can send a kit to the developers and they can incorporate Nolo with it. That would be a huge lift for us non programmers or artists working on prototypes.



  • Well yeah thats something Id like to have a look at. Setup a nice and clean environment to start using Nolo in Unity.

    I have entered the dev challenge so I'm hoping for the dev kit to start work but no news yet :neutral: 

    I've had a skim through the documentations and seems like a solid start
  • I would have wanted to enter the dev challenge, but it seemed to have stopped accepting applications before I had even gotten my headset.

    There are several example scenes, but I have tried a few and they never seem to actually prepare the camera for VR. Why would that not have been done in the example scenes? Its one camera, for one eye.

    It does seem pretty good, but it also seems message you get are often/always in... well cannot really tell but it looks Chinese or something.
  • Wow... did not know what VRTK was, but that sure looks awesome :) And its free? Gonna give it a try.
  • Oh, seems I am missing important steps of a get started guide for the NOLO Unity devkit.
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