Purchasing to use on 2015 MacBook Pro with discrete video card

So I have a 2015 15 inch MacBook Pro with the screen 2 GB video card with windows 10 and I would like to use my gear VR with S8 plus and I just want to make sure that this is going to work before I spend the money on this if someone knows the answer or if someone from Noto can answer this That would be great thank you


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    On a technical standpoint, there's no reason for the controllers not to work with your laptop. The video card though might not be enough to handle VR games.

    You can always try the SteamVR Performance Test to see where you stand.

    You can also try Vridge, which allows you to run for 10 minutes sessions at a time without paying for it, and see how you fare with a couple of VR games.

    If you can get a decent VR performance from your current system then, sure, the controllers will work for you. Otherwise, you might be limited to only mobile VR games until you upgrade your computer.
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