Cable for USB tethering doesn't work

Anyone has already tried ?


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    Did you enable USB tethering on your phone?

    What headset are you using? (GearVR does not allow USB tethering.)

    Did you try with a different cable?
  • Yes, it works when I change to other cable. I am using HTC mobile with riftcat.
  • @goroc9 Please try to connect the headset marker with PC using the black cable, and connect the smartphone with PC using the other cable with white stripes. 
  • @admin Yes, that is what the cable connected I did. The headset marker can be recognized but smartphone can't. The smartphone is recognized as unknown device in windows 10,but when I switched  back to my original smartphone cable, the smartphone is fine for USB tethering.
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    I have this very same problem. (though I use Windows 7)

    Using the provided cable I have no problem with the head tracker, if connected it works as intended. Sadly I can for the love of it not tether my mobile if I use this cable. Neither the white part nor the black part really work fully. They work partially though. I hear the USB connect sound, and I can access my files on my mobile. But after activating USB tethering Riftcat is still not able to find my mobile app.

    I have several micro USB cables. Using these, I can easily connect my phone to my PC via Riftcat. I also have an amazon-brand 4m USB extension cable. It's not active, just an extension. Even with that I can create a solid tether and stream content (though with a big lag of >1s). I also checked all my USB ports. The problem clearly lies with the provided 4m USB cable from Nolo.

    oh yeah I use a Galaxy S5
  • I have heard another person had this problem on Facebook as well, although not sure if that was one of these two. Seems the 4m cable might sometimes not be working. I hopefully get mine next week, so I will see if its a problem for me.
  • I have this exact same issue. Old cable works on the phone with a lot of lag, the new dual cable that came with NOLO manages to communicate with the hmd tracker but not the phone.
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    same issue but working fine with original sonyz3 cable (on win10)
  • Same here.  White strip cable causes issues with RiftCat.  Other USB cables are fine. :disappointed: 
  • Same for me. I use 5 GHz WiFi instead.
  • I had some USB extension cables, so I put two of them together and put my charger cable in the last one, that is what I am using for now, I do use the 4 meter black USB cable for the headset sensor.

    I am considering trying to split the 4 meter cable, to see if it might make the white striped cable work... in case the problem is interference and lack of shielding.
  • I got my hands on a LG G3. Using that phone I actually managed to get a tether connection working with Riftcat. But that connection was very fragile and only lasts a few seconds. I don't have to touch it, so it's not really the physical USB connections that's unstable.

    Then I switched back to my own 4m USB cable and that works perfectly even in use while moving my head. I guess the white striped cable is not well designed.
  • I have the same problem with my LGG4 and Galaxy S7, my USB 3.0 3.5m is working.
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i
    Zenfone 6
    white stripes usb cable connect Riftcat not working.
    I use my own USB extension cable.
  • Same problem here, the supplied cable black cable does not work for tethering. It looks like its not got the data pin or its been shorted.

    I had to use another cable I had instead which worked fine.

    It looks like Nolo has shipped a lot of defective cables.
  • Same, the cable is not working... I cant even transfer a file to my phone using the cable :(
  • Hi all, i have managed to get the phone cable to work, I had the same problem as everyone else, where the cable would keep dropping out. the problem is down to usb power, depending on your pc and usb ports (usb2 v usb3) the power being supplied isn't enough. so i have tried it with a powered usb port and it has been fine for the last 4 hours. it might not work for everyone, if you have a truly defective cable, but worth a try...
  • Yes, if the phone uses microUSB, a powered hub should help... but if the phone uses USB-C, then that will probably not help either though.
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