Results of the NOLO Mobile VR Developer Challenge

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Dear developers,

We're very sorry about the delay. Now it's time to announce the results of the NOLO Mobile VR Developer Challenge. Based on the quality, creativity and compatibility with NOLO of the 14 entries we’ve received, we have decided to select five” Top 10 Games” and nine “Mobile VR Games We Love.” Please see below for a list of winners (in no particular order). Congratulations!


“Top 10 Games” include: 

  • War of Fun
  • My VR Girlfriend
  • Dungeon Crawl VR
  • The Table at War VR
  • Daybrush


“Mobile VR Games We Love” include:

  • Incline
  • Phaseblade
  • Pumpkin Battle VR
  • Planet Slingshot
  • Mall Theif VR
  • S.L.R(Ship Lazer Rock) Janitorial Services
  • Destroy All Walls


If you have won the award of “Top 10 Games,” , please provide your shipping information (including detailed addresses and phone numbers) for us via email or forum messages. We will send the limited version of NOLO to you immediately.

If you have won the "Mobile VR Games We Love" award, you can get NOLO at the price of $99. If you have already bought NOLO or will buy NOLO on our official website at a higher price, we’ll refund you the price difference., please send us the payment confirmation and PayPal account via email


Thank you for your continuous support!


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    Congratulations all! Cool to see an Unreal Engine 4 game (War of Fun) in the top 10 too!

    Does that also mean the UE4 plugin is coming soon? Or will that game be delayed/ receiving NOLO support later than the Unity based games? I guess that only applies to mobile games now that I think about it, since VRidge supports the NOLO.

    Also, thanks for choosing NODDER VR for the games loved list! Is there still a deadline to make my game NOLO compatible if I was not in the top 10?

    And very much would love to buy a second NOLO, I assume I buy it first then email with payment confirmation for the discount? Thanks!
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    Wait what? This makes no sense. What are you guys going to do with the other 5 Dev kits you guys produced? Is there going to be another competition? And how could you call it "Top 10 Games" when you even mention that you'll only pick 5?

    Rolling back on that kind of promise isn't very good. I'm sure you got a lot of peoples hopes up and a lot of people thinking that they were guaranteed to get a kit because of the lack of developers posting.

    Care to explain?

    Also I had 2 projects that you guys loved so what does that mean for me?

    EDIT: What email do we send our requests to. Your forum messaging system doesn't work.
  • Congratulations to everyone.

    @nolo I have sent you an email to from

    I hope everything go smooth for you guys, I can see that you have alot of work, but I appreciate the effort
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    I can agree that it is sad there wasn't a full top 10 too, but I was also sad not many people submitted projects!

    I thought I remembered more projects in the thread though. Were some disqualified for lacking video (and/or download) links or other reasons?

    Thanks again NOLO team for the hard work! I can't wait to receive my first unit from the Kickstarter shipment smiley 
  • @DeviasNInja @bigelowed ;We're very sorry that the results were not as expected. When we started this challenge, we expected to receive much more entries. That's why we set the first award as "top 10 games" and we meant to choose the best VR games for NOLO users.

    For developers who won both "Top 10 Games" and "Mobile VR Games We Love", they'll get a limited version of NOLO and a $99 NOLO kit.

    For developers who won 2 "Mobile VR Games We Love" awards, they'll get two $99 NOLO kits.

    Please send your request to our email

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • @bigelowed ;

    There were 14 projects and all of them were listed in the results.

    Also, there is no deadline to make your games compatible with NOLO. You can upload your games to any platform. It's totally up to you.
  • @admin Cool, thanks for the clarification!
  • Congrats folks! Looking forward to try the NOLO kit and play with these apps.
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    Thanks for the challenge and the update! 
  • I am beginning to look into making games for NOLO. That sure seems to most viable way to make a truly wireless VR game right now.
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    @admin I wasn't able to purchase my second/$99 NOLO while the pre-order was still running, can I still order it somehow or will I need to wait for another round?

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