Oculus dk2

Hi, i wanted to know if there are updates on the operation with DK2 


  • Last I heard there were some problems with providing positional tracking for it. However as it and nolo both work with osvr that should give some options to play about with regardless of official support. 
    But hopefully we'll hear some better news.
  • Kai posted on the kickstarter comments section a bit of code which allows the DK2 to work as a headset only without using the IR camera.

    I guessed that the devs didnt know about this code, and therefore the IR camera and the NOLO head tracker conflicted with each other; and Lisa confirmed this.

    Lisa has said she has passed on the code to the devs to test, but we have not heard anything since.

    Most likely it will work when you add the following code to your steamvr.vrsettings file, if you dont have extensions set to visible it will just appear as steamvr

        "forceFadeOnBadTracking": false,
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