Samsung Gear VR2 and NOLO VR - USB Connection


I know that currently it is only possible with Gear VR to have wifi connection to the PC and wired for the sensor, is it possible with the Gear VR 2 to have the sensor powered by the Gear VR and wireless to the PC OR is there a plan for full wired USB connection in the future to Gear VR2 (black Gear VR headset)?


  • A tethered connection is not possible with the GearVR because it acts as a USB device. It is a hardware limitation that can't be bypassed without modifying the headset (and losing the internal sensors)

    There is a fully wireless mode in development that will allow the head marker to be connected to the phone (or GearVR) and transmit the data to the PC wirelessly. Unfortunately, it's not available yet.
  • Thanks for the info Zomby, so the fully wireless (phone to headset/GearVR) isnt available to us? I see on some video's/promo material from NoloVR they have GearVR with connection direct to the phone... maybe someone from Nolo can update us?
  • For Steam VR mode, the wireless funtion is underdevelopment.
    I believe what you saw on videos or promo materials is the Mobile VR mode. We played VR games that running on the mobile phone. In that condition, you only need a short USB OTG cable to connect the headset marker to your phone.
  • After learning this, I still feel that the headmount should have been like the controllers: battery included and standalone, with the base station the only thing that needed to be plugged into USB, but it seems like that would not suit mobile VR (which is the real target for nolovr).

    Maybe a modified headset base station combo for wireless PC VR could be released? (with the above functionality)

    For the users who have gearvr as a PC VR headset and use nolovr, is there any use for the phone sensors and gearvr IMU? doesn't the nolovr provide all the tracking data needed (pos and rot)?
  • audiquattro86 I haven't tested it since I've gotten Nolo, but my guess is that using the sensors for rotation would keep you turning even if Nolo loses tracking (if you remove the gray fade out), at the cost of probably a little bit less-quality tracking.  But yeah, I'll have to try it out and report back as I'm curious too
  • @audiquattro86 So I went ahead and messed around with using the GearVR and not using it, and I have no clue as to why, but for me, Nolo's rotational tracking just felt clunky and inaccurate.  For me, I'll continue to plan on using the GearVR and it's sensors for rotational data, as it seems more reliable, albeit still not as good as I believe it should be
  • I have no experience with GearVR but try checking if there is any way to calibrate the built in sensors in the HMD.
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