Pair without headset add-on

Has anyone been able to successfully pair only the controllers without the headset marker? 


  • you need headset tracking so the controller know were your hands should be 
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    The headset marker is actually the only device that communicates everything's position to either the PC or the phone. Without the headset marker, you have no way to interact with games.
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    I have a PC VR Headset that didn't come with controllers.  I got vive so that I could use controls in the game.  So, are you saying I need to have the tracking for the headset marker in addition to the tracking for the VR Headset, as I think that would confuse steam as it would know which object to use for tracking.  Any advise on helping to get this resolved would be amazing.  This is my headset in case that helps...
  • You " Vive..." or Nolo?  Nolo, as was explained, works by relaying info from your controllers -> head-marker -> computer.  As compared to Vive where controllers are sending info straight to the computer (I believe?).   If you wanted to use your HMD with Nolo you'd need to use it only with the HDMI cable and not the usd (remove headtracking from the HMD) and use Nolo for all your tracking.  Unfortunately, RiftCat doesn't support FOVE (as far as I know) and Nolo devs have not written drivers specific for it, as they have for Pimax and OSVR.  So for now I think you are s.o.l.
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