Controllers are detected as base stations

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I followed the setup guide on:

Got everything paired fine (green lights), but when I check the driver context menu, it says that I have connected 3 base stations. Also, vive home does not recognize any controllers. The 360-turn-around double click does work, though. But that's the only controller function that works.

When I launch the driver demo, the controllers are being tracked and I see them move on the screen.

Update: It does not seem to make a difference wether I connect through GearVR or Cardboard


  • Are you using driver version 0.5?
  • get the new driver 
  • When I check for updates, it says "It's already the latest version !"

    I'm using 0.5.20170619
  • I would try un-installing the 0.5 driver, reboot and install 0.4 and check if that works better for you. I have seen more people that had similar experience with 0.5 but it worked good for me.
  • My controllers detected as base stations when I first sync'd them/paired them.

    I closed all the software, re-opened the NOLO software, re-paired the controllers, headset marker, and base station all together, then it seemed to work again (although I can't remember if it still said "base station" for the controllers, they worked in-game)
  • Some users have reported closing the Nolo software and running it again helps.
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