controllers one to one

so in most games like job sim the controllers arent one to one but its close enought to where it dosent matter but in a game like serious sam vr the controllers are in the ground.

any one got a fix for this?


  • I completely agree with this.  I haven't played those games, but it does this for me in Pavlov.  My controllers look great in the SteamVR menu, but then hop into Pavlov, and my hands are usually on the ground.  The only way I've found to fix that is to close it all up, start it again and run room setup hoping for the best
  • doing the room setup dosent work for serious sam vr
  • It doesn't always work for me either in Pavlov; it's definitely a strange issue that happens to me inconsistently.  I just hope everything with Nolo becomes more stable in the coming days :/  We apparently have Nolo CV1 but some crappy beta drivers, lol (don't get me wrong, they work, but something somewhere is causing a lot of bugs)
  • i do hope for a fix
  • Do you mean sometimes the floor height seems messed up?
  • nope the in game controller hands are stuck to the ground only in serious sam vr tho
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