Height and controller issues

After doing the room setup and calibrating the controllers, all looks good and it feels nice in the SteamVR menu (and most games).  Some games tho, when I go in, my hands are wayyyyy to the ground for some reason.  Still haven't found a true fix or cause for this.

Secondly, after shutting everything down, when I start it all up again, my height is usually wayyy off, where my head can go a good bit through the ground if I crouch/go prone.  I pretty much always have to run room setup when I start playing after stopping, which isn't exactly ideal.

And the last big issue I came across was that for some reason, when I was playing the archer game in the Lab, if I turned too far to the right trying to shoot the bow a certain way, my whole view would shift, causing my controllers to be off to my side instead of in front.  This is easily fixed by pausing the game and recentering the controllers, but it happened multiple times and it can get kind of a pain constantly recentering.


  • Some users have commented it works better to put the HMD on and input your height during SteamVR room setup (rather than putting the HMD on the floor). It seems like many report better tracking having the base station higher than at shoulder level.
  • I've had the opposite experience, but I think that's because I'm using the base station on the ceiling, so it doesn't have any issues seeing the headset marker while sitting on the floor.  But still, that's something I'll give a go
  • Many seem very happy with putting the base station in the ceiling. Does it work good while crouching too (as long as your body does not get in the way that is)?
  • @Zunhs Yes it does!  I was quite surprised with how much better it functions.  The only thing you really lose by going on the ceiling instead of in front of you is not being able to bend down as far.  So yeah, it still works if you crouch and stuff, but if you bend far enough to block the headset marker it'll lose tracking.

    I'd definitely give it a shot tho if you can; well worth it IMO
  • My ceiling height is only 240cm but I will give it a go later.
  • @Zunhs Mine isn't even that high!  You shouldn't have a problem with height unless you're a lot taller than me (I'm about 5'6 so about ~170cm.  I'm sure if it were higher I'd have more room, but my room already isn't big enough for true room scale, so I just set it to standing only but still have a fair amount of space to walk around in
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