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I received my Nolo VR setup Monday and just got it working today.  Something that might help users with the setup process would be a graphic labeling the buttons on the controller.  There is an assumption of knowledge that many of us don't have.  Specifically in the setup instructions you call out "Double Clicking the system button to setup the controller" which is great... if you told us which is the system button (from playing around with the controller in Steam VR I'm assuming it's the "O" button).  While this is your competitor it's a good example of what to aim for:

That should help drastically reduce the number of support issues you're having with people having difficulty syncing their units for vr.  Even your youtube setup video does not actually show this step.

Just got it set up.  I wanted to validate everything was working before setting up my space to play in.  This has been a great success and I'm looking for some usb extension cables to help aleviate my only play area gripe.  at 6'6" the 4m cable doesn't let me move much... no complaints about your stuff.  Just my personal issue.


  • Here is a picture with the names of the buttons.

    You might need an active USB cable if you plan to use a longer version.
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    Nice!  The only thing that is missing are the grip buttons (and maybe the sync buttons too)
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    Double click Menu "-" button: turn 180 degrees.
    Double click System "O" button: re-calibrate.

    A note on the sync buttons. The setup instruction video shows to press both at once but it might be an idea to do them one after the other if you have problems getting everything to sync.

    The grip and sync buttons are on the side of the controller. The sync button is tiny, I used the nail of my thumb to press it.

    The grip button is for picking up and dropping objects.
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