A lot of issues for the driver.....

Just got my NOLO today, install the driver and pairing everything is ok, then the problem start.
P.S. I use Windows 7 64 and USB 2.0 and Gear VR

1. After connecting head marker, the software can not detect anything although I can find NOLO  from the control panel, and this problem is solved by using vista sp2 mode to open software.
2.  Since everything is connected, I found the gear VR sensor is not working, I can not rotate my view, so far I can only use cardboard mode for VR.
3. Finally, after setting up room scale, I find everything facing opposite direction............ when I move the controller to the left, it moves right on the screen.

So the problem must be caused by the driver, anyone has any idea about them?


  • ok, finally get everything solved, use Vista (not sp2) mode for software then the gearVR sensor is working again, in room scale setup adjust the front arrow to the right direction can solve the opposite calibration problem. So far NOLO is perfect for me,  no lag for tracking and moving
  • Great to hear you got it working! What kind of graphics card do you have?
  • I use GTX770 OC, which is below VR ready but working very well in all of VR games
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