Base station icon on SteamVR

Is the Base Station icon green on SteamVR if success to connected Nolo ?


  • From what I've picked up, no.  The base station icons won't go green, but the controller icons should when they are being tracked by the base station
  • The base station does not connect to the PC. Only info about the headset and controllers is transmitted to the PC so it make sense that the base station does not show up since it's not tracked in any way.
  • @Zomby Thanks for your clarify. So my nolo is working normally.
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    i think it werid they put the base on the headtracking instead the camera is self guess it just light beam device tell were the height is only 

    so basically the dots on the controller and headtracking is camera and the base is the light 
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    The base station is just an emitter and the tracking is done in the controller and headset marker. Also, remember that Nolo's primary function is mobile VR so it makes sense that the marker is connected to the phone, not the base.
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    really not mobile if you need block out the sun light lol  that why i think what cause most of the problem sun light can effect how camera see as well 

    most the video i see nolo vr youtube video they make  in close off room with no windows 
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