Received my Nolo Package but not my VR Shinecon Headset


i received today my Nolo Package which looks good visually (not yet tested) but my VR Shinecon is not in, comes this later in separate package? or where is it?


NOLO + Riftcat (VRidge) + VR Shinecon

Get the Riftcat (VRidge) Code that enables you to stream SteamVR on your smartphone + Shinecon mobile VR headset + the NOLO set which includes:

Controllers (2)
Headset Marker (1)
Base Station (1)
3-in-1 Charging Cable (1)
USB Cable (25cm) for mobile VR (1)
USB Cable (4m) for Steam VR (1)
Charger (1)
Headset Marker Mount (2)

Estimated delivery
May 2017



  • The headsets were shipped separately. Apparently, a few days after they sent out the NOLO sets.
  • Yup, I asked them in a PM. They said they sent my headset 3 days after the NOLO, and are now waiting for the headset to clear customs so they can give me a tracking number.
  • ok i haven´t received the headset, and i haven´t received any tracking number for that.

    @NOLO_TEAM Waiting for official response!
  • The official response is that they sent the headsets a few days later and they seem to often wait in customs much longer than the NOLO kit itself.

    I got my headset tracking number yesterday.
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