*Solved* SteamVR Room Setup not finding controllers

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Ive paired everything successfully.  The Base, HMD, and controllers are all seen by the Nolo Driver app.  Yet when running the Room Setup, upon coming to the "Establish Tracking" portion and clicking the Head Tracker button, the Headset is Ready but both controllers are seen as OFF...

does anyone have any advice for me?


  • Remove USB headset mark and put it back in. If this does not work, try pairing again. The controller should be placed where it can be recognized by the base station
  • SMH*  solved...  rebooted RiftCat + SteamVR and now it works.  
  • Thanks VrMan for the quick reply!  I've been having heaps of problems with RiftCat and I think restarting it was a sort of fix..
  • hey, I'm getting this same issue w SteamVR controllers not being tracked [see screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fo2d2923OWk2Nqi62 ]. do i need to change something in the steamvr.vrsettings file?
    strangely the Visualizer from the NOLO Driver works perfectly... 
  • Not solved for me ... Steam VR says Nolo controllers are off.  However, Nolo controllers are connected with solid green pairing lights on.  Re-connecting and re-pairing do not solve the problem.

    I am using with Pimax 4K headset and PiPlay 1.2.85 as per installation guide.  According to the installation guide when you run Steam VR the controllers appear.  There is no trouble shooting guide on what to do when they do not appear.

    @admin could someone assist
  • Hi @yippieyiho , sorry about the inconvenience. Please download the latest PiPlay at https://www.pimaxvr.com/en/piplay/ . (PiPlay_Setup_2.0.5.46)
    Please make sure to have Nolo driver closed while playing with Pimax 4K (i.e. when Piplay is on). 
  • Hi @spencercap

    i. What headset are you using? 
    ii. What is the OS of your computer? 
    iii. Also, what are the software version of the vr-related programs? (such as riftcat, trinus, nolo driver, etc.), thanks! 
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