Ceiling Mount Alternatives.

I currently do not have access to a 3D Printer. But I have high ceiling and want to try 360 with Nolo. Does any one have any alternative options for mounting the sensor to the ceiling? Either bought or made without a 3D Printer.


  • Use Polymorph / Plastimake / >other brandname here<

    It's a thermoplast, i.e. plastic that melts at low temperatures. This stuff will get soft at ~60°. It does not need to be drenched in water, you could heat it with a heat gun or near a flame. You can get it dry before you put it on your Nolo (strongly advised ;) ) It will get hard without cold water, it just needs time to cool down.

    I'm currently working with it to create a mount and a gun stock for my controllers.
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    Base on what Daley Tech did, I've heard people make a crude support out of cardboard and tape.

  • I took a small car board box and cut a box like shape out of it with a little flap. Just used big clear tape and bam. 
  • maybe use velcro tape
  • I'm using Velcro, and it's holding so far.... but it does feel pretty sketchy
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    Need to o use heavy duty velcro tape
  • I just used velcro that I took from a old shoe
  • I am considering sacrificing a net bag for washing bras and put it spread out like a hammock under the four arms of a ceiling lamp.
  • I bought some velcro tape at a cloth / fabric selling store, the adhesive on its back is very strong, and the velcro has no problem holding the base station. I have actually just left it in the ceiling for about 5 days now because I now got the Rift.
  • Screw a tupperware bowl lid to the ceiling. Cut hole in bottom of bowl. Place base station in bowl and then screw bowl into mounted lid.
  • I used a tattoo sleeve of the kids.. pretty much a sock with a small hole at the end and push pens. it worked but the nolo never works.
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