Where is the analog trigger value?

Subject really says it all. I've been able to read most sensor values (one grip button is reluctant to work) but haven't found a trace of the trigger's analog range, neither in the USB data, the SDK, or SteamVR. Is it missing in the firmware?


  • I don't see any analog triggers in the SDK nor remember them promising that https://github.com/NOLOVR/NOLO-Unity-SDK/blob/master/Docs/en_us/NOLO SDK for Unity Documentation_V1.0.pdf

    However in hindsight that would have been pretty nice to have yeah :(
  • It's downright weird to have a huge springloaded range of no response on the trigger if it isn't intended as an analog axis. The click is at the very bottom.
  • Haha and here I thought the driver is simply broken in that regard. Nolo does not have analog triggers? Oh wow that is kinda depressing XD
  • How did you test the sensor / button values? (Unity?)  I think I've got a number of issues with my controllers that I'd like to confirm.  I also have a grip button that doesn't seem to function..  I've just made a post outlining all of my controller issues.
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    My test program, which isn't very documented, is https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4QX7tC7UWZdUk1mUG1FTDY2bUk 

    In my case, I've opened one of my two Nolo kits, and the touchpad is really sensitive but doesn't trigger randomly. One of the grip buttons is malfunctioning in that it requires extra pressure to read, a mechanical issue. Luckily there are two grip buttons per controller so I can just have it on the less used side.

    By the way, the doubled up reports may be part of why throws aren't working right - if you get two equal position reports in a row, the tracker appears to have been perfectly still.
  • Yeah seems that the trigger is just a normal button. Shame.
  • @LoneTech can you elaborate on the "doubled up reports"?  That makes a lot of sense, yet this is the first I've heard of it.  How did you find out about this?  

    There red is a lot of talk on multiple forums about inability to throw properly.
  • I'm reading with my own code, receiving HID packets from USB, not using any of LYRobotix code. I'm also running on Linux. As such, I see every individual USB transfer. When the controllers are sending data, there are twice as many as otherwise (even though there are frames for controller data when they're off - it just doesn't change), and sometimes they overwrite the headset marker data. This can be confirmed because the unencrypted end of the packets (3 bytes) holds touchpad and battery data for the right controller, which should only occur in the controller packets, not the headset packets.

    I have not verified if these extra reports actually hold fresh values. If they do we actually get 120Hz tracking despite 60Hz being advertised; if we don't, we get frame doubling, which causes derivatives like velocity to randomly jump between 0% and 200%. Logging the raw data and checking for changes might confirm that. I also don't know if the driver is compensating for such issues.

    Either way, this is one or two firmware bugs in Nolo CV1 firmware 1.
  • Cool.  Yeah, logging the data to check if frame doubling is occurring would be useful.  If it helps, I'll log the data in Unity Nolo SDK and see if there is doubling there as well.  It would only require a few extra lines of code and it might tell us if the doubling is passing though the Nolo drivers. Think that would be useful?
  • Absolutely; it would get you data out of LYRobotix own platform to support a bug report, as well as diagnose the behaviour. If frame doubling is going on you can likely filter it out based on simple things like data not changing and time difference being too small, possibly at the expense of losing headset data during the corrupted frames, but even that is caused by the firmware bug. If you put that filter before the one estimating velocity (or override the already generated velocity) you might even get throws to work.
  • Quite disappointing there is no analogue triggers. I tried kingspray and it sort of requires it to do light spraying :(
  • Hi...i am a new user here. I want to know how did you test the sensor value? I think i also faced issue with my controllers. I also have a grip button that doesn't seem to function.
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