Pads and buttons faulty?

Several issues I'm seeing with my pads and buttons.

1:  Touch pads on both controllers are triggering on their own (touch, not press).  Intermittently touching down and to the left.  If I touch right on the pads, they trigger right then on release they trigger left and down.  They also trigger left on their own some times.  They both seem to trigger down constantly when I'm not touching them.  I have used the SteamVR calibration tool (right click the controller icons in SteamVR) but this has had no effect on the problem.  This is seen in both Google Earth VR in constant zooming out and in Vivecraft (Minecraft VR)  with always sprint and being very difficult to change hotslot items.

2:  a, x and y buttons are not setup at all?  Many games call for "press y" or "press a".. are those suppose to be mapped to the touchpad?

3: my right controller grip button doesn't seem to function at all..  I've set it up in vivecraft but pressing the grip button doesn't trigger the action.  Does anyone know any demo games I can check this with?  

Is there a way to test all the buttons and pads? Like a check buttons option inSteamVR or Nolo?


  • I might have had issue 1 but it also could be me touching the pad. Thanks for pointing out the controller calibration though!

    Issue #2 I definitely have though! Probably the whole NOLO VR controllers needs to be able to emulate xbox controller input maybe?

    Both my grips work, I use WalkInVR to test
  • Also the Unity SDK has a test scene that shows your inputs in text if you want to test buttons!
  • Thanks, I'm installing unity now.  I really hope it's not a controller quality control issue.  I bet it'll be a good long time before a replacement can be had.. :(
  • I was also starting to worry about buttons but after using the YeArt app I can tell the buttons are working well.

  • @Zunhs, yeah, I just tested the buttons today, with the Nolo Unity3D Sdk and they seem to be working fine there... so there must be something else happening, as Google Earth and Minecraft are still having issues with the pads and grip buttons... :/  

    The "a"and"x" button issue is starting to make sense to me after talking to people on the new FB Nolo Group..  It seems that SteamVR Home and Google Earth are detecting the Nolo controllers as Oculus Touch controllers instead of Vive controllers,  therefore these games expect Nolo to have "a" and "x" buttons (like Oculus Touch).   Google Earth even has Touch models instead of Vive.  

    One person reported SteamVR Home having Touch models as well.  (I don't have any models in Home!  My controller models are totally invisible or missing and all the menus are extremely transparent.. :( 

    There is a reddit post about the transparent menus that many people are having with NoloVR:
  • mine are also invisible in home and menus are transparent, unless i use trinus VR then they're fine so it could be a riftcat issue
  • A user specific RiftCat issue.. :p  not everyone has this problem it seems.  Just to start agrigating data, are you using Wifi or USB tethering?  Windows 10?  RiftCat Beta?  SteamVR beta?  Nvidia (and what version drivers)?  I'll ask the people on Reddit and see if a pattern emerges.
  • I use Win7, USB tethering, Riftcat and Steam without any beta as far as I recall.
    I have Oculus controllers in Steam Home. The menues are extremely transparent and low contrast. I always use the normal steam menu.
    Sometimes when I start up my setup can't connect to my steam account. In that case I too have missing controllers in Steam Home. A restart of Steam usually settles that.

    I have tried the Demos of Diorama Worlds and Dimension Hunter. If I try to scale objects up or down in the first, the game always scales down without stopping. Maybe that is related to something like in Google Earth?
    In the latter, when I try to move using the touchpad the game always moves in a certain direction, so that I have to correct that just to stand still.
    In Bullets and More VR I can move normally with the Pad. Maybe the deadzone is just really small in some other games? Anyway in BAM VR I can actually move with the pad WITHOUT touching it. That is very annoying, it's far too sensitive when it detects my hovering thumb.
  • Just noticed this recently as well with Arizona Sunshine and Dead Effect 2 VR. You cannot even use the menu properly in Dead Effect 2 VR since the trackpad constantly registers a 'down' input. It must be an input/firmware error in these games since I do not have this issue in games like Pavlov VR. Hopefully @NOLO_TEAM can rectify this annoyance.
  • To confirm, I have tested these games and they all suffer from this 'ghosting':

    Arizona Sunshine
    Dead Effect 2 VR
    Overkill VR

    Hopefully @NOLO_TEAM can fix this in the next update...
  • Are you guys using nolo without a usb cable to the pc? I had this issue when not using a usb cable which sucks because the usb cable is unusable.
  • @Failrunner I am tethered to my PC using my own Anker 10ft cables since the NOLO cable did not work out of box... If we could calibrate our touchpads I think that may solve the issue so there are no ghosting issues. You'd just need to really calibrate 'zero'
  • I'm having the same issue with Vivecraft & other touch based movement games. My controllers doesn't show up in SteamVR Home too, this is also true for those who uses PsMoveService. It does shows up as Vive controllers in the menus however. Huh? It doesnt with Trinus? That's interesting...

    Vivecraft seems to register as if I'm holding down the bottom touchpad. Constantly moving backwards. Literally unplayable.

    What I found out that the long USB cable has compatibility issues with certain phones somehow. It does not work/detected if I plugged in to any of my Xiaomi Note 2,3 & 4. But it recognizes my Samsung S7. So I went wireless instead.  
  • This issue does not seem to be apparent in a prior driver (0.4) as per this video of NOLO ceiling gameplay with DE2 VR: 
  • Just an update, Lisa has confirmed in the Kickstarter comments that the team are working touchpad issue(s):

    1.As for touchpad, we are now improving and optimising our touchpad

    This was also addressed in the Github issues section as well by one of the contributors (Hettylool):

    i got it,and i will check it.

    Looking forward to see what the next update brings...

  • This has been nothing but a headache. I just want my money back. I do not know why you Nolo is avoiding that. I want my money back. The nolo vr is worthless. Give me my money back or I go public with everything from the support not knowing what to do with their own product and the bullshit controls and gameplay of it. I am tired of dealing with a broken worthless cheap imitation of the vive.
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