Controllers position offset

The position of controllers are little bit offset when beginning, it is acceptable. But it become worse after play a moment. The right controller is on the center of my chest around 10mins after when playing the lab. Anyone has this problem and any advice ?


  • my controller positioning is all over the place. I have to reset constantly
    (with a Pimax 4K)
  • I also have drifting controller positions.  I find that standing directly on the spot where I calibrated to begin with (where I pressed the head marker button) and use the controller position reset (double click the system button) on each controller seems to temporarily resolve it.  :/  still, they are never really where my hands are irl.  They seem lower and are almost always left or right by a bit :(
  • You press the button on the headset piece? I thought that was just for syncing it.
    Would help if there was a proper manual for this stuff, somewhere.
  • Yes, pressing the button on the headset marker sets the origin point.  You place the headset on the floor, facing the lighthouse (or facing the direction of the top led on the lighthouse if ceiling mounted) and press the headset marker button to setup your central / origin point.   

    Step 8:
  • I'll try that. Thanks.
    Didn't bother reading the Rifcat setup, since it's pretty different with the Pimax.
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