Both controllers registering as the same one?


I've been having a weird issue with my Nolo. When I have both controllers activated, the positioning of a single controller in-game keeps on jumping back and forth. As far as I can tell, the system seems to think that they're both the same controller. In SteamVR and the NOLO Driver, it is only detecting one controller, regardless of which one I activate. I'm seeing the same problem when I'm playing the standalone Nolo Tetris. The problem also goes away if I deactivate one, but then I can only use one controller which is hardly ideal.

Anyone familiar with this problem?


  • There are people who are experiencing the same problems early on. Until the problem is resolved, pairing again will resolve the issue.
  • Try holding the sync button on one controller at a time, during the sync process, and see if that helps.
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