Can you mount the base station at an angle?

The base station appears to have some sort of gyroscope in it since it knows when you are moving it (the light goes red)

I've got some ceiling mounts I was hoping to mount the base station facing at about a 45 degree angle onto the play area.

But when trying this, the controller and headset movement are exaggerated. I guess this is because it is expecting the base station to be flat, so it looks like I'm moving in strange directions to the base station.

Could the software be updated to allow for the basestation to be used at different angles if it can detect what angle it is at?


  • I too use an angle, but only a small one. 10° perhaps. This results in me changing size as I approach the base station. It's not super bad though.

    Maybe it would be possible for the devs to add a mode where you can tell the driver at which angle your base station is oriented. I doubt the base can measure that itself but with at simple protractor it can be figured out.
  • @ruolbu It's something that the app/driver using the Nolo tracking can do. I'll look at adding this support to my driver(s).
  • @All Yesterday i've tested full play, and tried the OpenVR-InputEmulator... apparently it can modify the rotation and tracking, but only for the controllers, so no fully usefull...

    @iVRy Hope to see that driver soon!! I'm planing to install my base at 45 degrees in a upper corner on my room, and with your driver, it should work perfect...
  • edited July 2017
    @Tux0Topo That may be some time down the line, but initially (whenever LYRobotix fixes some issues that are preventing me from making a release) that support won't be there in my driver. In any case, it would take quite a bit of calibration to have it work properly (as you'd need to be able to determine the exact spatial distance (in millimeters) of the headset marker from the base station to take a calibration sample (to compare to what the Nolo software is reporting). If you did that twice (somehow) you could infer the angle of the base station. It does seem that the base station may have an accelerometer, so it might be able to expose the degree of inclination to the Nolo driver (which they then may supply via the API).

    tl;dr It may be possible to do this at some time, but that won't be any time soon (Nolo and everyone else is just trying to get the basic stuff working at the moment)... :wink: 
  • Yeah, the first time I tried it I felt like an idiot XD  I was just like, "Oh, I'll just put it up in the corner so I have so much more tracking space, EZ!"  Then I walked towards it and started descending into the floor, lol
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