Switching Between Ceiling Mount & Regular

Is there a way to switch between 180 degrees and 360 degrees in the driver menu? Much like how you swap between GearVR and Cardboard.

If not it would be really nice to have. I have a ceiling mount but I also like to take the basestation down to play front facing games since the tracking feels better. It can be a real pain to swap the files out each time though.


  • I second that motion.  Switching between my living room and bedroom setup would be swell.
  • I am sure eventually it will be added to so you can change it with a click in the NOLO menu.  Drivers and software is still in beta so there will be bugs and fewer options. I just hope for faster releases. No driver update for a week now :'(
  • There was a driver update about 2 hours after you made that comment.   :D
  • I'm glad we could be so influential!  :wink: 
  • edited July 2017
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm on driver 0.7.2 and we still can't change in between tracking modes easily. I think it must have been unrelated...
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