Could nolo be used as a FreeTrack (track-ir) solution.

So, forget for a moment about the controllers and the VR headset.

Is it possible to use nolo just for track-Ir?

Riftcat refers to nolo tracking as "freetrack", which if I am correct is the interface for TrackIr as seen by the games.

Has anyone idea of how the setup could be? Should Riftcat be in place at all?



  • It could be done with a translation layer, but I'm not sure the provided Nolo app does use the freetrack protocol. A quick check with netstat showed it had dozens of open TCP ports, which is mostly weird. I could likely write an OpenTrack driver for it at some point, but I think bringing the OSVR one to working order should come first.
  • I'm very interested in this idea!!!
  • This has been nothing but a headache. I just want my money back. I do not know why you Nolo is avoiding that. I want my money back. The nolo vr is worthless. Give me my money back or I go public with everything from the support not knowing what to do with their own product and the bullshit controls and gameplay of it. I am tired of dealing with a broken worthless cheap imitation of the vive.
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