Oculus games with Revive controller mapping wrong

In SteamVR, everything is working (mostly) like it should.  When I start up any Oculus game using Revive, there are a few issues with the controller.  It thinks I am holding down-left on the left thumbstick, the triggers act weird and won't select things, the grip buttons become a toggle instead of hold, and everything is essentially unplayable.  Anyone have any idea why this would happen with Nolo?


  • The 'down-left' issue happens on any game that detects Nolo as Oculus Touch instead of Vive Controllers (both controllers have the problem).. Nolo team has been made aware of it and has said they'll talk with the dev team and RiftCat to try and find a fix.

    this is the first Ive heard about the toggle problem.
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