I Expect You to Die Gameplay issues

So just tried to play I Expect You to Die.

Originally an Oculus game, but now on Steam.

First problem, headset and controller orientation. Controllers still lose tracking and end up pointing in wrong direction, double press to recenter doesnt work either.

Second, the game thinks the controllers are Oculus controllers, not Vive ones as it should think the NOLO controllers should be. So in the first part it asks you to hover a target and press A or X, you cannot do that and so cannot progress through the game.

Third, you have to touch the touch pad and press the grip button to hold things, I found a lot of time I end up pressing the pad down. Pressing it down in this game is to recentre the headset, so when it came to picking up said target above, the recenter screen kept coming up.

Fourth, as said you have to touch the pad and press grip to hold an item. Although the game responds to you touching the pad by showing in game you moving your thumb. The circle which is supposed to appear for you to target an item to then pick up doesnt always appear. Maybe this is an issue due to controllers being registers are Oculus controllers, or maybe an issue with that double reporting value? idk


  • Don't you get A and X by clicking up/right/down/left on the left or right pads?
  • @Zunhs wasn't working for me in the Steam VR tutorial app :( which is sad, because it did with my Leap Motion + RiftCat :open_mouth: 
  • edited June 2017
    I hope it is only in the tutorial. I am pretty sure I have managed to use A, B, X, Y but I don't remember which direction I was pressing in. Comparing the controller layout with other controllers I would guess up=Y, right=B, down=A and left=X. I guess the layout could be spread out with two buttons ( X and Y ) on left pad and two buttons ( A and B ) on right pad.
  • I found this:

    If Nolo follows Vive it should be:
    Left pad, down+left: X
    Left pad, up+right: Y
    Right pad, down+right: A
    Right pad, up+left: B
  • Thanks I'll give this a go later.
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