SteamVR / RiftCat settings for Android NOLO setup?

After much trouble, mainly due to faulty 4 meter cable AND faulty long microUSB cable of my own, I now got my NOLO app to see ALL my NOLO devices as connected. Another problem I had was believing I had to connect the base station to the computer. Only the headset marker is supposed to be connected to the computer it seems.

So now I am trying to run SteamVR. Riftcat is working very well with my phone, but I noticed RiftCat was by deafault set to "SteamVR fake sensor" under the SteamVR options. SteamVR is not detecting anything other than the base sensor seemed to be connected.

Well, now I restarted it and it has connected my controllers... so seems the answer is the "SteamVR fake sensor" option should be off? It is still saying no base stations registered, not sure if that is how it is supposed to be. My headset is tracking using the Freetrack only option in Riftcat.

Excited to finally try this :)


  • My first try would be to close the Nolo driver and wait 10 seconds and then restart Nolo. Fake sensor is just to avoid some games (like Dirt Rally) from thinking the HMD is disconnected. Keep up the good work, I think you are close to getting it to work! :)
  • I guess I should activate the fake sensor then, but for now its working GREAT :D 

    I messed around with the room setup for a pretty long time, but then I thought I had to try this ceiling mount driver I had read about. One problem is... no ceiling mount. But I figured I am resourceful and would figure something out. First I tried using this strange lamp I have with metal arms... but it would clearly not work at all... then I remembered how I got my LEAP Motion onto my VR headset... its actually even still on it. Just not connected. I used... well, I cannot remember the name for it. Its a sort of duct tape... you can stick it to stuff then one side has a one type of sticky stuff, and another duct tape has another kind of sticky stuff, they both have the regular duct tape adhesive on the other side. But you can take the cloth side on and off again and again. I used this to mount the base station to my ceiling.

    Now I managed to measure the room in the first attempt. Also because I have found USB extension cords, I think I have almost 3 meters of cord for the headset. I should probably test for 4 meter black cable again, just to be sure it wont work.

    But with this setup it sure played well. I have tested it with Nvidia's VR Funhouse with it. It was pretty great. Seems like the controllers might be a bit slow with the updates, but its hard to tell what causes it. Sometimes they seem to move fine. I could throw some stuff, but as I read many times here, it should be pretty much impossible to throw stuff for now with NOLO, but I did manage to throw a hammer and a baseball bat. I also think I managed to throw one tennis ball.

    All in all, I am very happy with it. I set my resolution down to 720p, because 1440p seemed to make things blurry. I figured the problem here was my phone being 1440p, but it has to make two screens, so that would not end up being able to do 1440p... I guess it might try to take that into account, but I should probably go for a resolution somewhere in between 720p and 1440p. For now 720p seems okay though.

    I am convinced I can buy some more VR games though... well, I think all the ones I have now are free, but this is... pretty much better than I expected. Especially after reading some of the problems other people have had.
  • Bought Job Simulator and Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality. Tried Job Simulator a bit. I think I managed to do some pretty good throws. My base station was running out of power so after a while it all began lagging and such and I had to quit. I even managed to throw a work paper into the boss bots head :)

    This is pretty amazing :) Now I just have to figure out what this type of duct tape is called again. Not even sure its called duct tape. Its the kind of thing you often find on shoes with no shoelaces but those kiddy ways of taking on shoes... not really sure why they are not just used on all shoes... its faster than tying the shoes, and I usually tie them in a way so I dont have to tie them again anyway. Sure is a neat way to make the base station into a ceiling mounted base station I think.

    Any way... there goes my night. I better get some sleep so I can go to Playing Magic with some friends later today. Thanks for all the help everyone :) Mainly in the first thread I made, but you helped out there as well Zhuns :) I hope my experiences can help others as well.
  • @Caldor: Good to hear you got it working! Do you have any advice on how to throw stuff? :)
  • Hmmm... not really. Tried some more and it seems it is pretty... hit and miss :pensive: 
    I made a few back hand throws work. Used a pretty big gesture. I think it helps if the object is heavy.
  • I had a heating issue.. I think it was. After a short while, like within the first hour, the phone got hot... or overloaded or something, and everything got laggy and sluggish to the point it was unplayable, but then I reduced the settings a bit. It still gets a bit hot, but at least it did not slow down even after 30 minutes of "fixing" cars in Job Simulator :) Then I ate an exit game burrito. Yum yum.
  • I found my S6 would get hot very quickly.
    I pretty much stop background apps and services, disable WiFi, data & sync and then lower the brightness to 20%

    Phone still gets hot but it's over a longer period of time and I attribute it more to the constant tether connection as it charges the phone.
  • FRAG: I think you can tell the phone to not charge while connected to the USB cable.
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    @FRAG I use a fan on my headset to keep my phone running cool; I have an S6 edge and it gets quite toasty for 5 - 10 minutes into VR for me (GearVR will stop and tell me my phone is too hot at that point if I don't have the fan running)
  • So far my phone (ZTE Axon original) for VR (I use it just for VR, so no 3G/4G data/cell data/no SIM, airplane mode, no social messaging apps to put notifications in my face, I use my personal phone for that) hasn't overheated after an hour or two of play, but to be safe I drilled extra holes in the front of my VR headset to give it more airflow, and slide open the AR hatch so that even more air hits the phone.

    If I notice it overheating ever in future I'll consider adding a fan to mine too.
  • You can also try lowering the screen brightness. The display is often the biggest battery drainer and that should translate to heat.
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    @Zunhs ah good point, I have about half-brightness on my phone. It's also good for extending the length of play time while using NOLO/VR
  • hey guys maybe you could try something like this, the guy who's doing the kickstarter showed a few of us the video the other day :) ;
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    Link test. I am not sure those fans work. She still looked very very hot after starting the fans...
  • I might have to try disabling charge on tether then, I'm currently using an NFC tag to make the phone process all the actions I've set once placed inside my shinecon headset.

    Like I said, my S6 won't get hot until after about 45 minutes to an hour of usage with vridge running now.
  • The ViveNChill looks cool, but it's meant for cooling down the player, not the Vive (to prevent sweat). A sweat headband should have a similar effect I think?
  • @bigelowed I was thinking of, in addition to the fan I have now for phone cooling, fabricating some sort of fan-gizmo to add to my GearVR to prevent fogging, which happens whenever I start to sweat due to the heat on meh face.  I checked out the ViveNChill but for what it is, I don't think I want to pay that price.  A few mini fans and a few batteries would be much cheaper
  • Yeah, I think you'll have a much better time going custom @Ghostmij17 :)
  • @bigelowed Thanks for the encouragement  :#  Lol, I was thinking I would get a really small fan (the one I'm eyeing is 40mm x 40mm x 10mm, just gotta make sure it would fit) and have it sit in where your face goes to circulate air around the lenses.

    It's a 5v usb powered fan, and I already have a small portable battery/charger I use to run my phone-cooling fan that gets velcroed onto the back of the head strap, so I was thinking I could either try using a USB splitter/hub to power both fans, or if that doesn't work (or if the fans end up being too weak) I could get another little battery/charger to just slap on the velcro with it, lol.  Less clean, but still an option if I have to
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    @Ghostmij17 I never use the second USB part of the cable that ships with NOLO (since I stream over 5GHz), but this looks interesting:

    You could run one larger fan then use some kind of tubing (rubber?) to divert air to different sides of the head/the phone/ etc. !
  • My phone has no problem with heating up that much. Especially after disabling HEVC in RiftCat. My phone is an LG V20, and it has an alumnium casing which I think helps. It also has Android 7 and it might have some chips to help with VR... but not sure. I guess it does not matter when its just getting the display from the computer.

    I have the display brightness set to auto, had not really thought about it much. I think inside the headset, it being so dark, it probably sets the brightness rather low. When inside with regular lights its at about 58%. I think outside in direct sunlight, its likely above 90%.

    I made a video of me using the NOLO. I had some trouble using my webcam. I solved this later and I am uploading a second video now.

    This is the first video I made:

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