Play the Oculus Touch game - ROM Extraction VR


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    Everything is perfect! Throwing needs a little practice.
  • I haven't had luck using Revive and Nolo :/
  • @Ghostmij17 It is not compatible with games that use touchpad yet (eg Robo Recall).
  • @VRMan Oooh, so you mean that if it's a game that uses the joysticks on the Touch Controllers, Nolo messes up all the controls?

    Cuz for me, when I tried to play Altspace and the Touch tutorial intro thing, down-left on the left stick was stuck pressed down, the triggers were goofy, the grip buttons toggled, and the touch pads were very clearly not mapped correctly, lol
  • @Ghostmij17 Yeah, the touchpad does not work properly with Oculus games using Revive. But in Steam vr games it works fine.
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