can we got more mounts (for the head tracker?)

really the title says it all but could we get some 3d printed headtracker mounts or some how beable to buy more (i only got one in my pack what is fine but now i see a video on how to do the dk2 and i need another one)


  • I have the VR Box v2 and it is all rounded and such... which was quite a problem for the current mounts. Then I noticed the top strap had a small part of it with a space that actually fits with the headtracker, so I put it into it and made sure it was the end where the cable goes into, so both the cable and the strap keeps it in place.
  • now i need to find a 3d printer site for the uk
  • You can try with they have people all over the world ready to 3D print your models.
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    Velcro tape  other option  any craft store should have it 

    i use on my Leap motion
  • Or if you want to get into 3D printing yourself, these printers are pretty cheap and great for a beginner who isnt afraid to get their hand dirty, and by that I mean figuring out hot to fix things and improve things. Lots of forums on stuff like that to help as well.
  • I used velcro tape for my LEAP Motion as well, which was why I had some velcro tape lying around, and I used it to mount the base station to the ceiling. Will probably be a problem removing it eventually... but worrying is a waste of time.
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    It not hard Repaint the spot on the celing

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    Yeah, I am thinking that would do it. First I would need to get it off the ceiling though, and its stuck pretty good. Should not be impossible though.

    Would be nice if the NOLO could somehow support more than one base station though. Even as a ceiling mount it seems to have a few blind spots. Oh wait, this thread is asking for mounts... sorry.
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