Steam Tutorial no A or X button?

Everything is mostly working right, but when I'm playing the Steam tutorial I keep getting prompted to press and A or X button which do not exist.  Is there a way to force Steam to recognize the NOLO controllers?  Also is there a NOLO skin for SteamVR Controllers?


  • Ah found the controller skins...  Now just to figure out the A and X....skins are here

  • Does it work?
  • I just found them, but haven't installed the models yet.  Taking a break and charging everything back up.  I've been fighting with trying to figure out why games are asking for A and X buttons so far.  I read something about Steam thinking the Nolo Controllers are Oculus ones, but have found no fix for the issue yet.
  • The "A" and "X" button seems to be an issue with Riftcat + Nolo. Some applications are seeing the Nolo controllers as Oculus touch controllers and expecting buttons that do not exist on the Vive wand to be pressed. since the Nolo controllers are an exact replica of the Vive wands (as far as buttons are concerned) it's not possible to complete the tutorial at the moment. There are similar issues with Google Earth VR as well.
  • Nolo Devs were made aware and are going to talk to RiftCat.  I do hope they sort it.  Along with the pads always sending bottom left, making pads mostly useless.. :cry:
  • Ok thanks for the replies.  Suggestions on free games that work in SteamVR with the current controller setup?
  • The Lab!  Bullet hell mini game is rad.
  • I must be doing something wrong.  When I launch the lab I can't do anything with the controllers.  I have the latest NOLO software and drivers installed and everything actually works up to the point in the tutorial where it asks for the A or X buttons.  Are people editing the Steam config files to make this work?  Or do I need to install something else in order to configure the buttons?  
  • it's not possible to complete the tutorial at the moment
  • PseudoVive doesn't help.
  • So, not solution to this? I have not tried much yet.
  • Did anyone try the OpenVR Input Emulator (link above)?
  • I might try it later.
  • Hmmm, that OpenVR Input Emulator is a mess. You need to compile it yourself, and doing so requires you to install 2-3 other software packs and Visual Studio 2015 if you do not already have that. I do have it though, but even after all this, it then still wont build, because it complains about some tool set I cannot find. It asks me to "retarget" the solution, which can be done in VS2017, but not in VS2015, at least not in the same way.

    So no luck with the input emulator so far.
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    @Caldor: Hmm, how about changing buttons for the specific game?
    How to Remap Xbox, PlayStation, and Other Controller Buttons in Steam ( link ).

  • it thinking it a rift touch controller 
  • Zunhs its not a game, its the SteamVR tutorial. Not sure it even has specific controls?
  • This is an issue with whatever RiftCat is doing in terms of controller emulation. I've managed to emulate Vive controllers 100% in my driver (for iVRy app) with everything supported exactly like the Vive controller. Can run through the tutorial perfectly. There are a few things missing/strange in the Nolo controller API at the moment:
    - No acceleration and velocity values, so these must be simulated by the driver. Throwing in "The Lab" is not possible without this.
    - No analog value for the trigger, so it is either fully pressed or not at all.
    - Double clicking menu button causes Nolo runtime to flip around co-ordinate system (simulating 180 degree turn), so this either has to be implemented in the driver (as I do currently) or counteracted in the driver (as I may do if Nolo doesn't add the option to disable it) to ignore it.

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    The rendermodels don't work unfortunately, and I don't know how to fix them. I did some work on getting SteamVR to load those Nolo models (needed to edit some of the description files and rename some of the files). Eventually I hit this show-stopper (for me):

    "Render model from ...\nolo_cv1_controller\nolo_cv1_controller.obj contained more than one shape. We only support one."

    So I use the Vive models which are animated, so you get touchpad animations etc.
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    ReVive emulates the Rift controllers very well using the Nolo/Vive controllers. It's possible to go through the Oculus Touch tutorial completely with iVRy, ReVive and Nolo as well.

    I guess the Riftcat guy(s) just need to spend a bit more time on this, SteamVR doesn't "know" about any kinds of controllers, the controller driver tells it what the controller has and how they map to the SteamVR controller API. I'm guessing Riftcat has mapped the controller to something resembling a gamepad, so that is confusing the apps.

  • Nolo's SteamVR driver will provide controllers whatever HMD driver you're using (if the Nolo driver isn't disabled, and the hardware is present and their app is running). It looks like it has the issues described, so it's not clear whether RiftCat is even doing controller emulation, or it's just using Nolo's driver.

  • I think one of the main issue with Riftcat right now is that is was originally built as a Rift DK2 emulation and they just kept adding to that. This is the reason behind their current rewrite of the whole whing for their version 2.0 which should (hopefully) fix those kinds of problems.

    Out of curiosity, where did you find a rendermodel for the NOLO? Because so far, the only thing I've found is the .dae file in the Unity SDK.
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    I used the one linked above.
  • There is an additional problem with DK2 where SteamVR thinks that the controllers must be Oculus controllers if motion controls are present with an Oculus. So when you start SteamVR Home, it shows Oculus controllers and asks you to press a button that doesn't exist on Vive controllers. Then when you open the dashboard it shows Vive controllers and so far it appears that everything else works fine.
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