Nolo Tetris with S8 and new Gear VR

Hello guys! One other question! I just installed nolo tetris, and was about to try it on my gear vr, but realized that I can't plug the headset marker into the phone (s8) when it's in the gear vr (the newest one). Is it possible to use nolo tetris or other "mobile" vr games that are coming with the gear vr? Or do I need to get a cardboard style headset for those?



  • If you have the newer version of the Gear VR (the black one) then you will notice that there is a USB-C port at the bottom right of the headset. This is where you would plug in your NOLO headset. If you have the older (white) version, then you can't use it for these games andd you would need to acquire a new cardboard-compatible headset. 

    Also, cardboard will not run in the GearVR headset unless you install the app suggested by Failrunner and no Gear VR version of the game has been released yet.
  • Only issue with using a package disabler type app is that you still can't get a direct connection to phone with the Nolo headset marker in order to use it for mobile on the GearVR.  I know you can't do this with the 2015 version of the Gear, but I know the 2016 version expanded a little, just not sure if it would work properly
  • Sweet! It absolutely works with the app Failrunner mentioned! Although there is a lot of accepting long worded things with that app, and you have to install a 2nd app.

    Samsung S8 and Gear VR that comes with a controller (the newest one) work through the usb port in the gear vr. ALSO it seems to also use the gear vr sensors (or phone rotation sensors), since for rotation I have 360 degree rotation (even with my head facing down 100% blocking the tracker)!

    Extra excited for more NOLO ready mobile VR games now!!

    Thanks for the help guys!
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