The "Get Started" seems outdated for Cardboard?

It says:

Build CardBoard Example

  • Import CardBoard SDK For Unityto the same way.

  • Open NoloVR\Example\General\Test.  

  • Put CardBoard GvrViewerMain in this Scene. 

Problem here is there no longer is a GvrViewerMain where this guide says to find it. Nowhere in the SDK even. Only thing in that direct folder is GvrEditorEmulator. There are several tiles in sub-folders but they are also called something different.

Anyone got around this?


  • Phew, lots of stuff I needed to update, needed to install the whole Google Cardboard SDK, which is now also the DayDream SDK... but that also means it has stuff about the DayDream controller, and it could be very cool to find a way to make the NOLO VR controllers work as a daydream controller, the design seems pretty similar. Probably because they are both Vive inspired, or wherever that design originally came from.

    Still not sure what is supposed to be the GvrViewerMain. Right now I have mixed the General Test scene in the NOLO VR SDK with the GVR Controller scene in the Google Cardboard SDK.
  • So... my base station is ceiling mounted... would it be possible to support this with mobile? I will try looking through the SDK code a bit.
  • If you get a project working, will you please post an example project to help others getting started?
  • Will do :) Was planning on that. Not sure if its allowed, but I will take it down if I get complaints.
  • Hi
    GvrViewerMain is cardboard SDK's prefabs.
    maybe it is replace by google.
    so you can find cardboard camera's can put this prefabs to replace the main camera.
    it is the same.
    NOLO SDK don't have camera ,so just put a camera to it ,it will work for the camera ,so nolo can work with cardboard and gearvr .
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