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Hello guys!

I've purchased Smashbox Arena on steam, but have issues with it simply showing a black screen (I think my setup is right, I can play Superhot VR, Tilt Brush, The Lab, Space Pirate Trainer, etc). I contacted support and from a report steam vr generated, they mentioned that steam vr is specifically saying the headset is Vridge, which they don't support. Is there a way to tell steam vr to pretend the headset is a Vive? Not sure if it'd help, but maybe worth a try?



  • Please contact Vridge
  • Yes, I really hope Riftcat is better able to spoof Vive in the next release.  Which is said to be out tomorrow?!!  :D I Donno how good they are at hitting their self imposed deadlines.
  • edited July 2017
    Where did you read about this release date?

    I downloaded the demo for Smashbox Arena and had the same issue, just a black screen. I can look down and see the blue circle for the center of my room setup but that's it.
  • That's literally all it needs, I got another reply from the smashbox team: "If you can somehow get SteamVR to report the headset as a Vive or Oculus, that should get you working."
  • Someone on the riftcat reddit solved this for me!
    It does exactly what I outlined above, renames the device to be a vive, and Smashbox Arena now works =)
    @ruolbu Give that a try if you want to try out Smashbox Arena, it's lots of fun so far =)
  • devinc13: Looks very useful, thank you for sharing!
  • @devinc13 wow! very good! thanks.
  • Thanks, this might also fix the issues were some apps detect the NOLO as Oculus touch controllers. Gonna try this tonight when I get back home.

    Developers should really design their games to not detect any specific HMD and just run on everything. (With the number of VR systems constantly growing, it will become much of a headache for them to maintain anyway) At least, this provides a decent workaround.
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