Possible solution for adding a second base station

I was thinking about adding a second base station to the nolo tracking and there seems to be a possible simple solution. But I'm not a programmer so who knows. It seems that if you only had 1 station active at a time they wouldn't interfere with each other. Essentially when you turn past a certain point station A goes into stand by and station B automatically initiates and picks up where A left off.


  • That's close to how Vive Lighthouses work.  They synchronize such that one stations lasers flash, then the other.  The markers are also synced so they know which station is flashing when.  People were speculating that this wouldn't work with Nolo due to the ultrasound thing, but some have tested and found it to not be particularly useful. (?)  I speculate that Nolo 'might' have trouble synchronizing the base stations due to limitations of the chips and hardware used. Only the Nolo engineers would know what's possible.
  • Yeah, we've posted NOLO our ideas and suggestions. 
    They said they will look at it after the Kickstarter ended.
    We hope they can get it working somehow, but it is not guaranteed for this version.

    Worst case is that full room-scale will come with a version 2 which we will have to purchase separately.

    I've given Lisa my views on this as well, and hopefully they will take it into consideration and try their best to get room scale working with the kickstarter version.

    But at the end of the day we also have to accept that the NOLO is and was originally for Mobile VR, not Steam VR.
  • I sure hope it wont end up needing a whole version two... then I would probably look around for other solutions instead.

    They have said that they have tried to make it ready for a second base station though.

    This thread sums up a lot of things with several links to support it:
  • I think the devs have the goal of creating an environment that makes motion tracked mobile VR possible. Creating a customer base that entices devs to develop games in that field. Full room scale PC VR is simply not on the agenda if you ask me.

    Just an oppinion.
  • @Caldor  Well that's a point I made a few months ago to Lisa

    Backers have spent $120 on the kickstarter version.
    Due to material costs, the pre-order RRP has increased from $149 to $199 + shipping, so $230

    Even if they do get a second base station working, my guesstimate is that a base station will cost around an average of $70 + shipping.

    So that's at least $300 for the NOLO with 2 base stations.

    Then you have to use your smartphone, or buy a headset.
    An Oculus  DK2 is around $150-200 on ebay

    So that brings the possible total to a max of $500

    The Oculus Rift + Touch is $598
    Just $98 more.

    You can see this is the current cost for someone who pre-orders.
    And it is already looking like you might as well just buy a Rift.

    Obviously the NOLO is for MobileVR, so based on that the cost is just $300 for a NOLO with 2 base stations.

    But for those wanting to use it for their PC, a version 2 will be an extra cost, it will obviously cost more than the V1, and the V1 is already close to Rift price when you factor in the cost of a dedicated HMD.

    So on the SteamVR point of view, NOLO will not do well if room scale can only be done on a V2, gamers will rather buy a Rift.
    But is they can add a base station to the V1, with a price tag of around $70, then that price is more appealing in order to get room-scale 360 tracking.

    If NOLO are happy to stay in the Mobile VR market then they are fine.
    If they want to get PC gamers to buy for SteamVR, then they need a 2nd base station for the V1, otherwise the current kickstarter backers will end up writing bad reviews.
  • Actually I bet the CV2 would cost less than CV1 as they need to make back research costs on the CV1 and if a simple power ON/OFF cycle allows two base stations there will be less research on the second round
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    Hmmm... hard to say. The thing with NOLO though is that people often already have a smart phone that can be used for the headset, and in those cases I still see the NOLO as about half the price of Rift+Touch. Also people usually need to get Rift+touch sent, so it seems to be 600 dollars + delivery in most cases. Might even have an import fee on top of that.

    If I had to buy Rift+Touch here in my country, it would be a bit more than 800 dollars, and that is assuming the delivery is free. About 808 dollars is the cheapest price I can find for Rift+Touch. Does that even come with a base station of any kind? Oh wait, the controllers come with one and the headset comes with one it seems

    So lets say the Nolo is 300 dollars with shipping. Well, then you can get DK2 or a smartphone for about 200 dollars, with the phone you probably need a Google Cardboard headset, but you can get something like VR Box V2, a pretty good quality one for about 10 dollars with delivery. So that should add up to about 500 dollars total.

    Which I have to say seems pretty good, because if I buy the Rift online, I can at best get it for 700 dollars with shipping. If you live in the US or in Germany it seems you can probably get the Rift+Touch for around 600 dollars. For some reason the sellers in Germany does not seem to ship outside of Germany. But still, that price is only close if you actually need a new smart phone to be able to use the NOLO... also, if you buy a smart phone, it would probably be a new smart phone you would use for other things, adding to its use and the NOLO does give mobile VR as well, although its hard to say how that is going to turn out at the moment.
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    I think even at $200 USD (or $257.59 Canadian Dollars) the NOLO is still very much worth it, especially considering that a Rift + Touch is $818 CAD, and ideally if you were spending that much you'd probably want the Vive at $1,149 CAD

    My phone I already had for Cardboard VR, but I bought one just for using with NOLO (so no extra heat from 4G + social media apps polling for data, etc. it just runs in airplane mode + 5GHz WiFi) and it was only $130 CAD used.

    Considering my NOLO was the $89 USD early bird, I got a great VR system for only 271.67 in new things (NOLO + second phone, as I already owned my RiftCat license from using my main phone with it). Amazing entry price! It's even better with WalkinVR, even if it's a 32 EUR entry cost.

    Also, unlike Vive + Rift, NOLO is truly able to support mobile VR, so it's a whole new market for content as well smiley
  • @Caldor Honestly in my opinion, if you're gonna end up spending upwards of $300/$400 dollars on a VR setup, you should just seriously look into going with a Rift or Vive.  It's just that Riftcat and Nolo and very limited in their current state, and with how slow the devs are right now to fix stuff that needs fixed, I don't think it's going to get much better for a while here.

    Nolo is great on a budget; being a kickstarter backer and only paying $100 for it is super reasonable, as I already had a GearVR and 5GHz router sitting around.  Now if I had to pay 300 (or even 200) for a Nolo, along with a cheap headset for my phone (that will without a doubt introduce latency into the mix), the price and what you get just doesn't do it for me.

    I did everything as cheap as possible and am very happy with my VR setup, but if I were to have gotten into that dicey price range of 300/400, I don't think it would have been worth it.

    (Side note:  I don't know how latency is when using a dedicated headset like DK2 or other OSVR headsets.  Price tho in consideration, it wouldn't be worth it unless you already had it or get it verrrrryyy cheap)
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    Well, I might end up spending 300 or 400 dollars, but that is still half the price of Rift + touch and about a third of the price of the Vive... and I am already liking NOLO VR used with my LG V20. I do consider getting a better headset than my phone, but my phone is pretty great for it. It does get warm, but not enough to give warnings about being warm or enough to impact the VR. I have played 2 hours straight without a problem. I paid 180 dollars for the NOLO VR with delivery and only because I also got a pretty high end headset as well. I have not gotten that yet, but I do have a VR BOX v2 as well, which is a very nice headset for this as well.

    The controllers and such actually seem like they might be better than Rift + touch, once you got two base stations. I am bothered by the blind spots, but its not that bad when its ceiling mounted. The headset I ordered usually sells for 100 dollars in my country. So 180 dollars with delivery of both the headset and the NOLO VR is a very good price as I see it.

    But NOLO VR being sold at 300 dollars, would still be a very good price, if its with two base stations, especially due to the extra choices you get, whether you want to use a VR headset like OSVR, PSVR or Oculus, or you could use Google Cardboard of some kind and a phone.

    Btw, even with 5GHz WiFi I would recommend getting some USB extension cables to use with your phone. I can run VR at 1440p giving it a bandwidth of 70-80mbps, it might even be able to do 95mbps
  • I wouldn't bank on two base stations before the second version of NOLO hardware + tracking. It's not the product they've made so unless it's an easy change (like the ceiling mount) then it probably isn't cost-effective.
  • My biiggggg thing with using Nolo and keeping price down is the inevitable latency.  I still get latency with USB when I tested it, and so never bothered to stray away from my GearVR
  • @Ghostmij17 are you playing in a sunny room and/or with TV screens/PC monitors on? It seems light in the room can play havoc with the NOLO as I tried it in a much brighter room and noticed issues with the dead zones/tracking at times that do not happen in my office.
  • @bigelowed It is generally not very bright where I play, but I feel my issue has something to do with riftcat as opposed to Nolo in this instance
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