DK2 with Radeon

It's looking like the instructions for the DK2 are all for Nvidia cards/drivers. Has anyone been able to use the 3 instructions to get this to work with a Radeon?

I bought the Nolo because I couldn't afford the expensive stuff, so buying a new high-end card isn't really an option.


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    When dk2 is connected to a PC, it is generally recognized as a dual monitor. If Radeon does not recognize dk2 as a dual monitor, I think there is no solution. This problem has to be solved in Radeon, but Radeon will not solve the problem of dk2, which is not currently popular. So I think the fastest solution is to sell Radeon and buy NVIDIA.
  • this is something that should have been in the marketing blurb, I would have not bought nolo if that's the case, and no hmd should be viewable as a second monitor with modern drivers.
    anyway, this is off topic
  • Hey Philip as I understand it this is a problem with osvr/oculus and not nolo in this case, as they've only ever promised to look into dk2 support. You might see if this works for you.
    Or look into the unoficial osvr nolo plugin. here
    This is also in development.
    Hope you get there in the end.
  • Nolo did not mention that it supports dk2 when kickstarting. So we can not blame nolo. But I think it is very unfortunate for you. I look forward to presenting a solution at nolo.
  • You can contact Radeon and ask for help. It wold be rather strange is they did not. Obviously they wont have a DK2 to test, but they might be able to give you more information. Or hopefully someone with a Radeon has got it working and will post here.
  • so I finally got around to trying older oculus runtimes, but then steam couldn't detect anything. I've contacted Radeon a few days ago, and I'm awaiting a response
  • NOLO did make this video:

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