Low quality tracking or base station defect? (shaking all the time)

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My headset drifts to left and right and controllers are shaking all the time while lying on the table.

I have also tried to reinstall, re-calibrate and connect base station with the cable 

is that intended to be? is your tracking quality same bad?


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    I have this issue too.  also, every min or so my controllers or headset JUMP like several feet away, or twist ~90 degrees, then come back immediately.  Really messes with the game I'm making...  I hope it'll get better with update or that I can rma it.

    thanks for making the recording!
  • It is better for me if I increase the distance between the marker and base station.
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    @kinnikinnick I think your issue may be the sensors on the headset being blocked and so losing tracking. So could be a different issue than @industria ;;

    Is this what is happening to you?

  • I occasionally have similar problems. Usually it's only one controller for me. In those instances I resynchronize with the base station, which tends to works for me.
  • industria: Have you set Riftcat tracking to FastTrack and Vridge tracking to disabled?
  • @Zunhs i dont use riftcat, i use HMD pimax.
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  • @bigo93, while this may account for it, I'm pretty sure I see random jumping even while I'm filling within contact with the base station.  It does look kinda like that and I've certainly noticed I get big jumps after losing contact, there are occasions when I'm simply holding my control and gentaly tilting my game when a huge jump sends the ball into the stratosphere... :/

    @ruolbu, I give that a try and report back my findings. thanks :)
  • kinnikinnick can you throw items by the way? I cant, doesnt work at all :( 
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    I assume the problem was a software issue.
    New version of piplay fixed shaking so far and improved re centering. Furthermore now its possible to throw object (not very well, but it works).

    Grey screen on deadzone (pimax) and sudden controllers 'jumps' are still present (nothing blocks the basestation, it looks like controllers have some kind of deadzones between sensors)
  • @industria, maybe 1 in 4 times I can throw...  never in an intended direction though.  I'm on RiftCat btw, so it's not pimax exclusive.  Mine dosent tend to shake quite so much with my base station on a table vs velcroed to a wall.  And about 2 m away.  Ceiling mount shakes worse I'm afraid.  I hope this improves with software! 
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    Pay attention to the sun light
    Slight sun light will also affect positioning.
    My room has a 1m * 2m Floor-to-Ceiling Windows on the right.

    If I do not pull the curtains,
    There will be the same situation,
    Like the pull the bellows.

    Try play at night. Turn on indoor light. Block the sun light.
  • Sunlight can affect it? Interesting. Anywhere the exact tech used in the NOLO is explained? 
  • The lights on tv and monitor have a very bad effect on nolo.
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    @smallrice45 not a sunlight issue, playing at night, full dark room. Disabling monitors does not improve tracking as well.
  • @industria
    If the monitor or tv is turned on, the tracking quality of nolo vr is very poor
  • Wow, thank you, i have to try again and compare the tracking quality.

    And what about a daylight? i dont mean direct sunlight by a good weather, a simple day light with no sun would it cause such problems too?
  • Repeated testing showed that sunlight did not affect nolo vr
  • And another video of quality tracking. This time i have placed base station away from my monitors or my glass table, so now nothing should affect the tracking system.

    On the video i'm staying right in front of lighthouse, my hands are straightened, i'm making very smooth movements with my body 90 degrees to the left and right. Controllers glitching literally everywhere, to the top left, top right, top up and down. 

    A good example of how 180 degrees tracking system covers only 90 and only at the height of base station. Really disappointed in nolo, not to mention there is no support for more then 10 days.
  • Yeah, the jitter is a nuisances.  I've 'solved' it in my game, recently, by smoothing the controllers in game.. it adds lag, but at least it's playable for my dev purposes. :/
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