Minor issue with touchpad? Anyone else?

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I haven't seen this mentioned once since release, but I've been noticing very clearly that you cannot reach the edge of the 'virtual' Vive touchpad with the physical touchpad layout on the Nolo controllers.  I want some people to test this as well and get back to me; just go into Steam Big Picture with the controllers and run your finger along the outer circle of the Nolo touchpad while looking at the virtual Vive controller.  Does it reach the edge?

Mine doesn't and I'm assuming it's a software issue that isn't going to get fixed unless it's been made aware of.  In games like Pavlov, I'm painfully slower than everyone else because I can't reach the outer limits of the touchpad to move faster.

In most games, this isn't much of an issue, but I still think it should be addressed


  • Yes, that's a confirmed issue I believe.  It seems to reach the pretty close to the edge on the bottom of the pad but is a far ways away on the top.  The other issue with the trackpads is that they register fully down and left (-1,-1) when you are not touching them (I've confirmed this in UnitySDK for Nolo and SteamVR).  This only effects certain games it seems.
  • @kinnikinnick Yeah, that was happening to me particularly in Rift games with Revive
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