Still noticing acceleration/throwing issues

Hey guys,

Been having a fantastic time with the nolo since i got it weeks ago but the one recurring issue so to say is throwing. I'm on the latest version of the nolo firmware but it still seems I run into these issues so maybe they haven't been fully ironed out for everything yet. It wasn't working for me in previous gameplays for "The Lab","Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades" and just now with the "Spider-man: Homecoming - Virtual Reality Experience". I'll have the video below where you can see at around 5:10 you are supposed to use the websling ability to rip off the posters however if you look closely you can see the posters rip off but freeze in place mostly because there is no acceleration being recorded i'm assuming. It's strange because I did manage to get it to work once during the video however no dice overall consistently. Anybody find a concrete solution to this or is there another solution at the moment?

Here's the video


  • I'm completely with you on this one.  I have trouble throwing darts/skiballs/bottles in SportsBarVR, which kinda sucks cuz half of the stuff in that game is just throwing things!  Lol.  I really do hope they get around to fixing this.  It 'is' possible to throw things successfully, but it only works like it should probably 5% of the time
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    make sure you throw were the base can see the sensenor on the controller if you block the sensor it make it not work

  • @Jazneo On multiple occasions, I've moved my hand slowly along the path where I planned to make my throwing motion and it was all tracking, but then I'd throw and it would just do the same thing; just drop the item to the ground, or maybe even throw it backwards like a bullet if Nolo was feelin' it, lol.  What I'm saying is, is it's not a loss of tracking issue (at least not at the surface)
  • Has nothing to do with blocking line of sight to the base station.
    Try the demo for BAM VR and go through the tutorial. You will have a hard time throwing grenades or anything really. It might work... 5% of the time or so. Try using the revolver, if you can make that work reliably, please tell me how.
    Or try the demo for climbey and walk around. Does not work for me at all. The problem is definitely not solved. Something is still broken.
  • Right, it's nothing like blocking the sensor causing the problem. In hotdogs, horseshoes and handgrenades I would lightly toss weapons and they would simply drop like a brick. Even bricks have more momentum than they fell so that's not even accurate. It's truly something preventing the acceleration from registering properly consistently. I've definitely had it work but only a really small amount of times and it was only from purposeful attempts where i'd actively try to make it work. Throwing grenades directly at your feet in VR is not fun at all i can tell you that much.
  • There's a post somewhere where someone has logged the tracking. And in it they claim the headset sends the PC values twice. This shouldnt happen really, I think they have told the NOLO devs but not sure if they have read it yet.

  • I seen that post a few days ago. I am aware of it registering the movement twice. If i recall what was happening is it was registering the true motion data but simultaneously registering a empty value within a short window so basically if you let go after it registers the empty value it reads as no action so it falls flat however if you release just before then it will properly be calculated. It's strange and I hope they do fix it soon.
  • Yeah, I can throw stuff with NOLO, but it seems pretty random whether I can actually throw it far, and I feel lucky when it does not just land at my feet. Throwing something 2-3 meters though... pretty much a no go. So games that require you to throw stuff with any accuracy, pretty much a no go with the NOLO right now. Playing Rick and Morty right now, and I fear where I am now is relying on me throwing something pretty far.
  • Yeah, that sucks. Hopefully they find a resolution to the issue soon.
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