Comparison of tracking quality when the monitor is turned on and off

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  • Monitor off : 21sec
    If the monitor or tv is turned on, the tracking quality of nolo vr is very poor
  • Interesting...  I'm not sure I fully follow.  By simply turning off your computer monitor, motion tracking improved markedly? What about by turning off mirroring?
  • @kinnikinnick The monitor's light or any cause seems to interfere with the transmission and reception of nolo
  • Just one question. Was this all one take? At 0:21 did you simply reach do your monitor, switch it off and at that moment everything became more stable? Or did you start a second recording process?
  • @ruolbu I just turned off the monitor in 21 seconds.
  • Interesting, I've got mirrors in my room and I had to cover them with a sheet so it would stop interfering. Maybe it wasnt the signal bouncing but the light reflected in the mirrors.

    I've had problems with the tracking around my triple monitors, I'll try to turn them off next time to see if it helps.
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    @wully i had previously lighthouse standing on a top of a monitor (with triple monitor system) all that on a glass table.
    Today i have moved the lighthouse away from my table, since its wireless you can place it anywhere in the room and honestly to say i see no difference, at all. Controllers and hmd sensor are glitching all the time :(
  • This is interesting. I guess if possible you could also make the monitor turn away from the VR area.
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